2017 marked the successful launch of Essilor’s premium frame brand Bolon into the UK market.

For 2018 at 100% Optical, Bolon will be showcasing both new sun and optical lines. The 2018 new products will be backed by marketing campaigns starring brand ambassadors, Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway and American model Hailey Baldwin.    

Essilor Ltd is also helping its independent partners capture market share in the emerging ophthalmic driving lens category with its new Road Pilot lens.

The branded driving lens combines two new technologies for the first time, in coating and design, to enhance confidence, comfort and driving performance, particularly during night-time, lower light and challenging weather conditions.

It is offered exclusively with a new Crizal Drive anti-reflective coating which reduces distracting glare from dashboard, modern headlights, street lights, traffic lights and set surfaces with up to 90% less reflections than a simple hard coat, to maximise clear vision. 

It is available within unique single vision and Varilux forms, each tailored to deliver exceptional performance through design and coating.  It can be enhanced with Transitions XTRActive which adapts to varying light conditions, so opticians can offer the ‘ultimate, 24-7’ driving lens giving clear vision from dawn to dusk to night-time. 

Commercial director, Randeep Gill said: “Driving without decent glare protection is risky and stressful. Statistics show night-time driving is when most accidents happen, is when 17 million UK drivers struggle to see, when 31% of UK motorists refuse to drive and 43% report blurred vision.

“This can be recommended for safety, comfort and confidence but also improved driving given impaired vision means slower reaction times behind the wheel.  It’s giving the patient something new and filling a real need.”

The Crizal Drive coating is exclusive to the Road Pilot range and gives opticians another reason to explain the brand which set the standard for non-glare lenses 25 years ago.   

The launch offers a reason to dispense Transitions XTRActive, its darkest photochromic lenses which is unique in activating instantly when the driver is exposed to visible light behind the windscreen, to cut sun glare and give comfort in the brightest light. 

“It is a 24/7 solution for Britain’s 35 million motorists, and a new but big niche market,” said Gill. “The consumer multi-pair proposition is compelling as the Varilux lens is designed to be kept in the car where it is needed, and needed by law in France, Spain and Switzerland.