The young spectacles brand neubau eyewear is announcing a return to the scene after a hot and pulsating urban summer season with all new models and color finishes. Sarah, Manu, Erwin and Felix from the design range “The Wire” are especially eye-catching. Their design picks up on a vogue for minimalist lines and shapes and makes a winning impression with delicate stainless steel frames. Your nose and ears will rejoice over the feeling of relief, while the aesthetic senses will celebrate the long-awaited variation in style.

The four new arrivals are available in two sizes and four color options each, from silky rose, glorious gold, eclectic silver to graphite matte, as well as the combinations eclectic silver/black and glorious gold/white. Nose pads and temples are easy to adjust and guarantee the perfect fit we have come to expect from neubau eyewear.

The range made from the sustainable polymer naturalPX is also being expanded by three models. The rookies, Rebecca, Pierre and Thomas, are on offer in six rich color finishes and make a strong statement both in terms of visual impact and their responsible approach to the environment. Thanks to the innovative material they feel just as light as the frames from the stainless range, which in turn finds extravagant and restrained additions in the cat's eye model Lotte and the classic model Peter. Flo, on the other hand, follows the trend for round frames and, like Lotte and Peter, is available in six different colors.

Since its launch in June 2016, the spectacles brand neubau eyewear has been combining the fresh spirit of young, creative minds with long-standing expertise. After all, neubau eyewear is a descendent of the successful Austrian Silhouette International group, benefitting from decades of know-how on the side of the parent company. In this way, the highest demands in quality and dynamic progress in technology and design come together in one product. Each of the models bears the name of one of the company's employees.

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