De Rigo UK is delighted to announce the complete redesign of its house brand Police.

Following a major international study, Police and creative director Enrico Furlan decided to communicate with the rebels in a new voice, inspiring the the 2017-2018 “Quiet Rebels” campaign. Alongside the established product lines, Enrico has refreshed the eyewear collections targeted at the fast fashion segment, such as the 'Discovery' line; focusing on more contemporary, distinctive and iconic frames for a younger market.

Police has the same importance of 30 years ago - deploying its iconic and uncompromising style to reach markets all over the world - but now it introduces a new way of expression. Today, the brand is aimed at the Modern Alphas; young people who wish to make a mark on the world they live in through their desire to express themselves.


The collaboration between the De Rigo family and the Scheufele family is an example of how two international companies can share the same fundamental values; a constant quest for perfection and excellence. Today, De Rigo Vision and Chopard present immaculate eyewear aimed at a younger target audience; introducing fresh campaign imagery and stunning new Sunglass styles.

Further to the new season, Rihanna and Chopard Co-President and Creative Director, Caroline Scheufele, have combine their creativity and passion to develop Haute Joaillerie and Joaillerie collections that blend urban chic with classic glamour; presenting the Ice Cube Campaign. The Ice Cube collection provides edge, graphic eyewear with truly intricate detailing; combining real ceramic with stunning geometric cut and metal lines.