KOMONO is an Antwerp-based fashion brand, and the inspirational style and aesthetic of our home is at the heart of all our products. We believe in keeping our collections fresh with innovative materials and new shapes to capture our community’s stylish vibe – and give a glimpse of the future. At KOMONO, we want to make sure that our customers and retailers enjoy innovation at all levels of their brand experience: sales, products, engagement, and service. Since our inception in 2009, our founders Raf Maes and Anton Janssens have sought to democratise style while doing things differently. We use our brand as a platform to question the status quo, presenting our watches and sunglasses at an accessible price point that gives luxury new meaning. In 2016, KOMONO took a new step, infusing our bold perspective on contemporary design and Antwerp fashion into a truly unique line of prescription frames: KOMONO Opticals.

With 22 distinct styles, 95 SKUs, 6 clip-on options, Base 4 lenses and Base 2 frames across all styles, KOMONO Opticals have been carefully designed to capture the spirit of our game-changing sunglasses with precision detail. Our collection includes Italian acetate, stainless steel, and mixed acetate/steel styles to provide maximum choice for our stylish community – and optimal sales for our partnered opticians. While many new optical brands have chosen to sell their collections online rather than in-store, at KOMONO we believe that the experience of a trained optician cannot – and should not – be discounted. That’s why our collections are only available at licensed opticians around the globe: to ensure that our community receives the medical care they need, and the tailored service that they deserve. Our approach pushes our community to trusted retailers, making KOMONO Opticals a win-win. We know that the opticals market is changing, and competitive price points are needed to challenge the direct sales models undertaken by other brands. We meet this challenge head-on: our Opticals offering has RRPs ranging from £99.95 to £139.95.

Our bestselling Beaumont and Martin styles feature flexible hinges, alongside the full-acetate Maurice and the acetate/steel Jaden and Jordan. For 2017, we have extended the style family of one our most popular frames – the panto lensed Clovis – to include a fresh range of geometric lens shapes from the hexagonal Wilbur to the cat-eyed Frankie. Also new for 2017 is the Elementary Collection, a minimalist metal collection that features ultrathin stainless-steel temples, titanium nose pads, and slim acetate inlays. The Elementary Collection includes four unique styles – the Sinclair, the Sheldon, the Mercer, and the Hailey – that are as lightweight as they are bold.

KOMONO is excited to join the UK market for our first year at 100% Opticals; visit us and experience our vision for your vision.