Moody Blues

Colourful glasses are winning us over! There was a time when UK customers were considered more conservative than the rest of Europe when it came to wearing colourful eyewear designs on our faces. Today our love for colour in fashion has encouraged a greater appreciation of the opportunities offered by statement eyewear. A more open attitude to wearing brilliant brights, interesting clashing or matching colour combinations or daring neons means that everyone has a better opportunity to find a flattering frame that enhances and compliments their personality and sense of style.

“Blue tones are a great choice for customers who are making a first step away from dark neutrals and classic black, who want to try something new and flattering, without feeling self-conscious….”

This month Blue is one of the favourite fashion tones in eyewear: from deep ocean tones and super stylish ink and navy to soft pastel or baby blue, this colour offers the chance to upgrade from classic to right now, with a confident, effortlessly cool result….

Featured Frames

Model Bridget (from Kaleidoscope Quartz Edition) in Sapphire and Andrew (from Kaleidoscope Collection) in Ocean by Kirk & Kirk (UK).




Written By Clodagh Norton, Co-Founder, and Editor in Chief, 2020EUROPE.