Introducing ‘Foundations’, the launch campaign and look book from eyewear industry veteran Alyson Magee. Seven years on from her debut line - licensed by Alain Mikli - and after more than three decades designing for the world’s best known luxury brands, Magee returns to the helm of her eponymous line with a new, re ned collection.

Designed for a discerning wearer, ‘Foundations’ is a highly considered collection of sun and optical frames for men and women, in keeping with Alyson’s signature style; skilled craftsmanship and architecturally inspired silhouettes.

Magee creates a perfect tension between aesthetics and engineering in her frames, a theme re ected in the ‘Foundations’ look book by capturing interrupted tranquillity; an almost jarring light treatment juxtaposes the manicured styling and structural direction throughout. This is also translated across the collection with the punctuation of classic square and circular shapes with vibrant colour, re ned by her focus on micro details and tempered with complex constructions that push conventional boundaries. This is manifested in the 4-dimensional pro le of the AM3001 and AM7001 as well as her precise engineering of negative space in the AM7003.

Hailing from Northern Ireland and now residing in Paris, Magee’s latest o ering is an ode to a lifetime in eyewear driven by intrigue and exploration. This, pillared by her postgraduate studies in the fundamentals of jewellery design at the Royal College of Art, has honed an unequivocal eye for detail that de nes her intellectual approach to eyewear development. This unique viewpoint permeates into every sculpted frame.

Magee says, “It was about taking it back to the start, challenging the status quo and sharing designs that are unique. I really think these frames can form the basis of any discerning eyewear enthusiast’s collection.”