OrCam Technologies, the developers of OrCam MyEye, the world’s most advanced wearable assistive technology, has launched version 8 of the software that powers OrCam MyEye – thereby increasing the independence-giving functionality of its revolutionary device.

The incredibly intuitive OrCam MyEye harnesses the power of artificial vision to enable users to instantly and discreetly read text off of any surface and also to recognise faces, bank notes and products. The OrCam MyEye is a wearable, easy to use device that has been pioneered to communicate vital visual information. It has been meticulously designed with the needs of people who are blind or partially sighted in mind, and can be used by children and adults alike, regardless of the level of visual impairment they have.

Version 8 of the software means that the OrCam MyEye now has:
• Enhanced facial recognition – the device can now distinguish between men, women and children (the previous software announced everyone as a ‘person’).
• Colour identification – this added feature provides the user with the colour of the items the device is viewing.
• Automatic page detection – OrCam MyEye can now automatically read a printed page without the need to ‘point’ at the page or press a trigger button. The device now reads ‘hands free’ 3 seconds after the text appears in front of the device.