The Kaleidoscope collection by Kirk & Kirk is an assembly of beauty. With dynamic colours and dramatic shaping, these frames glimmer like precious jewels.

The exceptional qualities of acrylic are truly exploited in this collection, producing a clarity and brightness that is so rare in eyewear.

Vibrant and bold, yet as the wearer turns their head the light reveals another colour giving a subtle delicacy to the frame. 

New colours include Midnight, a combination of charcoal grey and a flash of blue. Sunset; a warm brown with a vibrant orange accent. Emerald; a feisty combination of greens and Violet, a combination that marries purple and pink in a confident statement. 

The appearance of weight is counter-balanced by the lightweight acrylic that is used to handmake the frames, ensuring that the glasses weigh next to nothing and are extremely comfortable to wear. 

Kirk & Kirk is sold in the best independent opticians around the globe and continue to stand out through their use of innovative materials and distinctive colour palette.

Prices from £279.00