British eyewear brand Kirk & Kirk are proud to present their new collection SPECTRUM. With a reputation as the ‘Kings of colour’ this collection is no exception, and their ability to play with colour through design is signature to the brand.

SPECTRUM features six new optical styles; Carter, Emily, Anna, Joss, Miles and Polly, and founders Jason and Karen Kirk have continued to experiment with the exceptional qualities of acrylic, creating eight new colours that capture and play with light in a magical manner.

The collection is incredibly sculptural, with elegant facets and cut-aways’ that give the collection a tactile quality. Like stones shaped by the sea, the texture and shaping of these frames invite you to touch them. There is also a continuous and fluid connection between the laminated colour combinations, so as you move the frame through the light, new angles and facets of the frame are revealed.

Designer Karen Kirk comments ‘I love working with acrylic, the colour opportunities are endless and often surprising. As with glazing pottery, the shaping of the pot, or in our case the frame, has a significant effect on how the colour turns out – and for this collection the faceting of the frames was incredibly important to me, it felt as if I was literally carving the frame out of the material.’

The frames come alive when they are worn, allowing the wearer to express their true colours and personality. For people looking for something vibrant, the bold contrast of Chocolate Blue, or the statement colour option of ‘Summer’ which features a fuchsia pink front with yellow interior and temples are for you – yet the rich, warm colour combinations such as Autumn and Hazel provide a more conservative alternative.

Kirk & Kirk are the only eyewear company in the world to work with acrylic, and it is this specially developed grade of acrylic, which offers unique qualities such as colour, texture and durability that allows them to differentiate themselves from others.

Spectrum is available in 8 colours; Pacific, Chocolate Blue, Autumn, Berry, Hazel, Spark, Mars and Summer. Prices start from £379.00