Barberini is an Italian company, A world leader in the production of high performance glass sunlenses. Barberini have decided to enter in the sunglasses market with its own Eyewear collection. The main goal is to promote optical glass, the material that provides the best vision possible, thanks to the geometric perfection of the lens and its crystalline purity, and its ability to maintain these characteristics unaltered over time.

Barberini have designed a collection of sunglasses starting with quality of glass and using only the most innovative and ef cient material, the Platinum GlassTM, that offers UV400 protection, colour enhancement, antire ection and hydrophobic/ oleophobic treatments.

Barberini sunglasses will allow you to tell a story about a product that is not only made for those who want to be looked at, but also for those who want to enjoy in full safety the beauty of the world: we are sunglasses for Spect-Actors.

To communicate such an Eyewear, 100% made in Italy and produced by a company with a long history of excellence in the production of glass sun lenses, we need prestigious and active ambassadors in spreading the culture of glass lenses and excellence in general. We look forward to having you among our customers.

We are proud to have the largest RX offerings available for glass sunlenses. We also have the most professional and visual way of presenting this RX offering to your clients.

We are working with Einar UK and have staff representation on the road and also a strong customer service team in both Harrogate and in Italy.

We believe that your business would be an excellent ambassador for Barberini. We want to work with the best and for that reason we would appreciate an opportunity to present our collection to you.