Mother Nature is an unpredictable beast, throwing ever-changing light and weather conditions your way. With the new vario lens by adidas eyewear, your glasses can change with the weather, giving you the clearest vision under all circumstances every day, all day long.

With vario, say good-bye to manually swapping out lenses in order to adapt to different lighting conditions. The new photochromic lenses have the ability to automatically change from crystal clear to dark within 20 seconds. A transmission range from 0 to 92%, or category 0 to category 3, allows the vario lens to transform from fully translucent to its grey lens tint according to lighting conditions. In other words, from leisurely outdoor adventures under fair and sunny skies to pulling night laps for your team during a 24-hour mountain bike race, vario lenses are always the right choice for optimum vision and performance.

The new vario lens system is the latest addition to adidas eyewear’s extensive lens portfolio, with various tints consisting of advanced mirrored versions with hydrophobic coating and proprietary Light Stabilizing TechnologyTM.

Vario lenses with antifog-coating will be available in seven models out of the entire adidas eyewear lineup, including the ultra lightweight evil eye evo, halfrim, and tycane frames with extreme curvature, developed for athletes who rely on their equipment for total protection from the elements. Fluorescent highlights on the temples and sweat bar of the black matt/glow and crystal matt/glow frames of the evil eye evo and evil eye halfrim equipped with vario increase wearer visibility during use at dusk or in the dark. A stealth-version in black matt is also featured in the lineup.

The evil eye evo and evil eye halfrim with vario lenses from adidas eyewear are available in three different color combinations, including black matt/glow and crystal matt/glow.