Silhouette UK, the market leader in rimless eyewear, has unveiled a range of new models to its Urban Fusion portfolio. The previously award-winning collection combines Silhouette’s unique SPX material and its high-tech titanium to create a range of strong, visually stunning but lightweight frames.

Featuring Silhouette’s class-leading technology, such as special in line glazing and its renowned snap hinge design, the latest Urban Fusion frames offer a versatile range of contemporary, stylish colour options and comprises two new models for women and one for men.

From a dusky pink shades to bold magenta and cherry red hues, to softer, neutral tones for a more classical look, the women’s models are designed to suit all manner of styles; whether you are looking to complement your outfit or carry your glasses as a statement accessory. Both models offer stylish matte finishes to enhance the colourway of each frame.

Consisting of a range of silky blues, sophisticated blacks and a quirky pigmented brown and gold style, the men’s model offers an exquisite blend of contemporary and classic influences to create a frame that works perfectly both as a workwear accessory right through to evening and social occasions. Silhouette has once again opted for a handsomely crafted material mix of SPX and high-tech titanium; each men’s options features a distinguished choice of matte finishes to complete the frame’s exquisitely refined look.



Silhouette’s extension of its Urban Fusion portfolio exemplifies a continued focus and innovation on its full rim collections, whilst still offering Silhouette’s core design values: ultimate comfort, extraordinary strength and lightweight minimalism.

Silhouette’s frames and lenses are now available under single-source supplier, directly from Silhouette under the Silhouette Vision SensationTM programme: the brand’s new initiative to provide fames and lenses from a single source.



To request further information, images or samples, please get in touch with Nicole Marsden or Emma Younger at Little Red Rooster at or on 07506 756914.