Both of the OWP Ladies styles, 1759 and 1760, allow the impressive beauty of pure titanium to speak for itself. The elaborate detailing on the temples is discreet yet eye-catching, and the workmanship evokes cut diamonds.

It fits seamlessly with the delicate acetate temple tips with their rounded profile and its galvanized color palette is particularly refined. Fine details, such as the gleaming metallic logo on the inner temple tip reinforce the elegance of the look.

Style 1759, with its fine-framed, rounded front takes the temple design over the lugs with artistic flair, while style 1760 bestows a straight-line design across the front with its feminine square lenses.

The OWP ladies' collection represents attention to detail and superb design. Whether they are feminine and vibrant or timelessly elegant – every one of our creations stands out thanks to its unique character and, as such, is the perfect statement piece for fashion-conscious women.