If there’s one takeaway from the Spring 2018 runways in New York, London, Milan and Paris, it’s that fashion is about more than just clothing. All designers are now including eyewear pieces in their collections as essential statement-making elements. And we love them for it!

The era of trends being completely “in” or “out” is gone. The general vibe presented by the designers was refreshing and innovative. Striking feminine silhouettes are clearly back for good. Audiences were treated to whimsical, light and elegant designs in eye-catching, optimistic colours like yellow, lavender and orange. It’s our pleasure to present the new Dutz spring-summer 2018 collection, featuring many of those femini- ne details, oaty oral prints, sleek shapes and colourful stripes.

Animalier-African summer
Animal prints have never really gone out of fashion. But many of the prints we saw on the runways were very dif- ferent – they were all about reinforcing the femininity of the style. Leopard was the print of choice in the collections of designers like Balenciaga, Christian Dior, Saint Laurent, Stella McCartney and Versace. The Dutz design team have combined this print with imaginative colours like red, teal, purple and yellow, matching the trends for the coming season. The result is feminine and chic with a so Dutz twist.



Bleeding orals
Floral designs are a key trend in the fashion industry, so we’re delighted to see them feature prominently again in the 2018 collections. The Dutz team drew great inspiration from the “bleeding oral” theme: a oral pattern with blurred (or “bleeding”) edges, much like you’d see in a watercolour painting. The resulting oral designs are soft, light and eye-catching at the same time. Model DZ680 encapsulates this trend perfectly.



Purple rain
Following froggy-green in 2017, Pantone has announced that the colour of 2018 will be the more uplifting and weara- ble Ultra Violet. “The dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade communicates originality, ingenuity and visionary thinking that points us toward the future,” Pantone says. It’s also the most complex colour in the palette since it results from mixing two strong, diametrical opposites – red and blue – into something truly beautiful. And so purple is back with a bang in our new collection. Model DZ673 shows without a doubt how the colour of 2018 can bring out the best in a frame.



Retro Minimalism
Retro Minimalism is set to be the key look for eyewear in 2018. This is truly a trend for anyone who likes to keep it simple but stylish, whether you’re a fty-something fox or a sixty-something siren. The Dutz SS 2018 collection takes this retro trend and gives it a slight twist. Nothing says timeless chic like a tortoiseshell print, and Dutz model DZ671 is a perfect example with a Dutz twist. Eye-catching colours pair perfectly with neutral earthy tortoiseshell tones for a bright spring look. The collection also includes a classic aviator model – a sleek steel frame in refreshing new colour combinations. It’s a timeless but trendy look that’s comfortable to wear too.



Every Parisian has stripes in their wardrobe. They remain as popular as ever, as Paris Fashion Week and every other fashion week has shown. And stripes continue to play a leading role in the 2018 collections. We saw them in every variety on the catwalk: vertical, horizontal, diagonal, pinstriped and dashed. So stripes will be one of the key trends in 2018. And they are also an element that binds other trends together. The Dutz design team have responded by creating a graphic look for the coming season, featuring linear patterns in surprising colour combinations. The ‘All directions’ collection includes all sorts of stripes: vertical and horizontal, broad and classic pinstripe.



Expressed femininity & funky avour
The cat eye frame isn’t one for wall owers – it’s a look that will always get you noticed. The 2018 collection rein- vents and reinvigorates this classic, giving it a stylish twist. The Dutz design team have upgraded the cat eye frame, adding modern details and colour blocking, one of this season’s hottest trends. Our take on this trend uses electric blue, zesty orange, sunny yellow, summer lavender and purple. After the sombre hues of winter, these brighter hues will bring a welcome burst of colour. As you will see, the new Dutz spring and summer collection is all about colour, and it’s guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.



Dutz Kidz
Original designs, imaginative use of colour and durable materials all gure heavily in this season’s eyewear for kids. Children keep close track of the latest trends and identify the most with what their favourite social media personali- ties are wearing, aspiring to look just like them. The new Dutz Kidz collection features four new metal frames in vivid hues. They’re trendy, playful, cheeky and, above all, colourful, all at the same time. The bold colours and striking pattern combinations all contribute to the popularity of this range.



Gelato hues
Besides strong, bold colours, softer pastel hues continue to feature in collections. The pastels of choice for summer 2018 will be light blue and mint green, combined with coral pink too for a striking contrast. But bright colours com- bined with graphic prints will also be a big hit in summer 2018. These designs are all about unexpected splashes of colour, making them urban and unique. And so Dutz!