We are delighted to reveal the latest impressive range of stylish, sustainably-made ophthalmic frames from neubau: 3D Meets Wire.

neubau prioritises sustainability equally as much as cutting-edge, innovative design. The brand’s signature material is natural SPX, a highly developed eco-friendly polymer which is organically sourced – 65% of it is based on an oil extracted from the seeds of castor plants.

3D Meets Wire once again introduces Sarah, Felix, Erwin and Manu. Retaining its super-lightweight stainless-steel design, each frame now offers an array of bold colour options and styles, using an innovative printing method and meticulous process to craft a unique set of frames.

Sarah is a beautifully feminine, angular frame. Her understated cat eye shape both draws from a classical design but captures the yearn for gold metallic detailing and bold colours – a slender, elegant style – and comes in a choice of two shapes. 


Next in line is Manu, an unusual but classically beautiful twist on the popular double bridge style of frame. Manu forms an individualist style that will appeal to both men and women looking for something a little different in their eyewear.



Like the trendsetting type he is, Felix’s unisex silhouettes will suit a range of looks and face shapes. Whether it’s either the double bridge design or the distinctive cat-eye, Felix’s unapologetically bold designs is the ideal choice for completing that street-style look.




Finally, Erwin also expresses a classic shape but in an avant-garde manner and offers a choice of a delicate wire-bridge or a chunkier design.