Paris (FRA), May 2018 - Serengeti’s dedication to create sunglasses that are both refined and technical is demonstrated in our new launch Livio. The ‘it’ model of the brand new Serengeti Nylon Rubber Collection, the collection embodies Serengeti craftmanship and know-how and the brand’s driving heritage with its brand new key feature: elegant and coloured double injected rubber that gives a stylish twist to this design. Equipped with Serengeti mineral lenses, Livio provides unparalleled comfort thanks to its combination of lightweight Nylon TR90 and rubber, double-in¬jected on the end tips and fixed onto the nose pads, which ensures perfect stability and comfort.

 The Livio features Serengeti’s ultra-light mineral glass lenses which deliver unmatched optical clarity and are a full 20% thinner and lighter than conventional glass lenses. Borosilicate optical glass - chosen for its ability to withstand extreme temperature fluctuations - is chemically tempered for exemplary scratch and impact resistance This specific model is available with a choice of four lens tints which feature all three of Serengeti lens technologies that have built the brand’s reputation.

Serengeti eyewear offers a unique 3-in-1 lens technology:
- Photochromic technology - by darkening in bright sunlight and lightening in overcast conditions, the lenses allow the eyes to adapt to any light, anywhere.
- Spectral Control® technology - this proprietary technology filters specific light wavelengths, sharpening the way you see color contrast and improving visual definition. which ensures, just like an audio equalizer filters sound frequencies, that your eyes perceive the most balanced contrasts and colors, filtering the much talked about harmful blue light and hence avoiding eye fatigue.
- Polarizing technology - effectively eliminates harsh and distracting glare, a pervasive and potentially dangerous threat for many drivers.


 Livio - RRP £179.

The Livio is also available in prescription.