'Design Eyewear Group' develop and market iconic eyewear brands which have been sold by quality opticians world wide for more than 40 years. Great design is what defines all their brands. They are versatile and clearly positioned: from audacious French design to a clean-cut Scandinavian look.

Today 100% Optical look take a closer look at the brands FACE A FACE, INFACE, PRODESIGN and WOOW from their portfolio.



FACE A FACE, Always Audacious, Always Unique!


Face a face 1

 The two new concepts from French FACE A FACE are like pieces of art, always playing with transparencies and colours. The combinations of opaque, transparent and colourful acetates create a truly unique expression.




Face a face 2

FACE A FACE - Blast1 col100 

Introducing a bold new concept, where the coloration is deconstructed like the effect of a blast; an edgy look created by using transparent or pale colours making it look like the eyebrow is floating.




Face a face 3

FACE A FACE - Jadde2 col2045 

This new design is introduced with sharper, deeper and yet thinner shapes, creating a new and expressive look. The frame-in-frame effect of the two-coloured front creates an alluring impression - a fine balance of light and thinness.


Fall in love with the new designs from Inface!


Inface 1


Danish Inface proudly introduces three new concepts which clearly puts Inface on the chart of brands offering great design and superb value. The new designs are true to the brand DNA with a new take on lightness, flexibility and smart details.




Inface 2

Inface - IF1336 col6521 

Contemporary yet classic - this new concept mirrors the Inface DNA. The subtle colors of the light titanium front create a sophisticated and clean look, while the long end-tips add improved comfort.




Inface 3

Inface - IF9411 col6625

Elegant and modern, with sporty rectangular shapes. Cool acetate in combination with highly flexible stainless-steel temples.




Inface 4

Inface - IF9413 col9035 

Introducing a new beautiful concept with soft lines and flattering coloration. Note the delicate color lamination on the front, which echoes the colors of the temples creating a sophisticated look.


ProDesign: It's all about lightness!


Pro Design 1


 This season Danish ProDesign is introducing a new concept to the Essential Collection, where lightness will be key; both in color and material.

“We focus on lightweight materials as titanium and CXT, which can be cut thin making the frames lightweight and comfortable to wear”, says Eyewear Architect Marie-Louise Japhetson.


Pro Design 2

 ProDesign - The Essential Collection - model 1503 col.9335 (CXT / acetate)

The key to this concept is lightness; both in color and material. The fronts are calm and subtle, while the temples are either contrasting to the front or tone in tone. Note the light and transparent fronts cut in thin CXT


Pro Design 3

ProDesign - The Essential Collection - model 1417 col.3821 (titanium) 

The two dusty tones on the front give a calm expression to the light titanium frame. Note how the darker colors on the top, make the frames look light as well.


Adding the Woow-factor!



This season WOOW have re-invented the CLASSICS, re-interpreted the BIG shapes from the 70s and re-visited TRANSPARENCIES in different ways. Finally, they have added a whole lot of WOOW-FACTOR to every single concept!






WOOW - Pop Up1 col0091

WOOW - Pop Up1 col0091
A new STAR is ready to POP UP and show its BRAVE combination of THIN metal and COLOURFUL acetate. The big shapes are clearly inspired by the 70s and express COURAGE.






WOOW - Make Sense1 col2045  

The two shapes of this NEW concept will take you straight BACK TO THE 80s. MAKE SENSE is BIG, THIN and COLOURFUL. The combination of transparent and opaque acetates creates a FUN play with light and adds the WOOW-FACTOR to every single design.