Hartberg, August 2018 – ANDY WOLF EYEWEAR presents the new campaign for the minimalist WHITE HEAT design collection. It is called “Modern Retro” and has a touch of nostalgia.


The models from the iconic WHITE HEAT range stand for the skilful fusion of an acetate nose bridge and fine metal frame. The symbiosis of these highly contrasting materials is reflected in the campaign: nature and technology subtly come together in the form of gemstones and old CRT televisions. CRT televisions are the symbol for “technology”. Compared to other technical equipment they are timeless and have a “raw” touch. As with the design study on WHITE HEAT too, the divergence of materials can only be overcome by balanced proportions. The images are given a finishing touch with a special effect that reminds us of the old screen test display.

The gemstones represent a synonym for our Earth’s secrets and mysticism. It took millions of years and incredible forces to form these stones. Which is why they are said to have a spiritual and healing effect in all their variety. As a result, gemstones have had an inseparable relationship with Earth for millions of years. In this collection, they act as the representative ambassador of nature’s undisputed beauty and secrets.

The collection includes six different glasses where three models each have the same design concept. With the Maillol & Belling models the focus of the typical acetate nose bridge shifts to the upper line and forms a strong contrast with the sharp design line. The convex Maillol cat eye model stands for a new image of beauty: the strong, modern woman of today. Highlight colours are tone in tone combinations in gold and copper. Brancusi uses the same design as Maillol and Belling, although the striking crown panto contrasts strongly with this in colour. For example, a black metal frame clashes with Havana in black and white.

Kabol and Sabol are classic glasses shapes, which are given the typical WHITE HEAT look with an acetate nose bridge. Thanks to the precise use of metal highlights, the glasses are still given an elegant finish despite the focus on the acetate. The oversized Smith butterfly model looks very extravagant at first glance. The glasses nestle ideally against the face as a result of the balanced design. This look is completed with the feminine selection of colours.


ANDY WOLF EYEWEAR BELLING A front 400x200ANDY WOLF EYEWEAR BELLING A side 400x200 Andy Wolf Eyewear Belling collection.


ANDY WOLF EYEWEAR BRANCUSI A fron 400x200tANDY WOLF EYEWEAR BRANCUSI A side 400x200 Andy Wolf Eyewear Brancusi collection.


ANDY WOLF EYEWEAR KOLBE A front 400x200ANDY WOLF EYEWEAR KOLBE A side 400x200 Andy Wolf Eyewear Kolbe collection.


ANDY WOLF EYEWEAR MAILLOL A front 400x200ANDY WOLF EYEWEAR MAILLOL A side 400x200  Andy Wolf Eyewear Maillol collection.


ANDY WOLF EYEWEAR SABOL A front 400x200ANDY WOLF EYEWEAR SABOL A side 400x200 copy Andy Wolf Eyewear Sabol collection.


ANDY WOLF EYEWEAR SMITH A front 400x200ANDY WOLF EYEWEAR SMITH A side 400x200 Andy Wolf Eyewear Smith collection.