De Rigo UK is pleased to announce the launch of its new brand and the oldest designer eyewear brand in Italy, Lozza.

The Group’s beloved house brand will be launched to the UK by De Rigo alongside Mulberry at 100% Optical in January 2019. A vintage cult brand at heart, Lozza is strongly inspired by the ‘70s and ’80s, presenting incredibly commercial, stylish ranges encapsulated in history, substance and reliability.

The Lozza 2019 Collection offers a unique combination of vintage modernity; showcasing the brand’s evergreens – such as the Zilo style – revisited in a stylish way. Featuring new shapes and new material combinations, each and every frame is lightweight yet highly resistant. At an extremely affordable price point, Lozza brings something fresh to the market.

VL4157 700Y 467x201   VL4157 ALE FRONT 467x201

SL4208 small 400x600