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CCS by Coco Song presents its new collection with unexpected plays of colours and transparences, captivating and tempting shapes.

In the wake of the extraordinary success obtained by the launching of the collection presented at Mido 2017 and the subsequent campaigns characterized by freshness and charm, Area98 presents the new AI 2018 collection by CCS.

Dedicated to a young and trendsetting female target, CCS presents four new models, each of them in six fresh and bright variations, where the use of refined elements such as silks, dried flowers and feathers, are well matched with the bold and experimental colours of acetates.

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The CCS110 model, with its roundish, cat-eye shape in contrast to the other three models, is characterized by fronts with fresh, strong colors alternating with combinations of delicate featherings. The temples, also in intense and refined colors, are the perfect final touch to eyewear in the name of femininity.

The CCS111 and CCS112 models have a slightly squarer shape, but they also come in six different color options: three that are more vivid and intense, with fronts in multicolored acetates and temples with precious and iridescent silks, and three that are more sober, where elegant laminated feathers resting on pastel acetates blend in with super glamorous glittery touches.

The eyewear CCS113 model closes the collection; this model, too, has slightly squared shapes and bright combinations of colors. Four different colors are in play with bold and glittery transparen-cies, in harmony with the colors of the temples, where you can find featherings and brightly coloured silks. The last two proposals have a tinge of the nuances of nature on their fronts, where green and blue featherings are set on semi-transparent acetates, while the temples, in a dance of colors, embrace a young, refined model of eyewear.

 The result is a model that is refined, dynamic and lively to the right degree, perfect for the under- 35 female public for which it is intended.

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