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From the rebranding of the historical Genesis brand of Area98 comes a news and amazing model of eyewear inspired by pop art.

Great news at Genesis: for 2018 the historical brand of Area98 presents a look that is completely renewed both in inspiration and in mood, the result of a process of rebranding that involved not only the product and its graphics but also and above all its philosophy.

A revolution that starts from the claim: it is indeed Art Wear - and it has already been so since the beginning of the year - the new pay-off of the brand, to indicate a model of eyewear that is the result of an encounter with the world of art and, in particular, pop art. The new Genesis is inspired by the master of American pop art, Roy Lichtenstein, known throughout the world for the unmistakable style of his works.

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Everything in the new Genesis models speaks a new language, starting with the cuts of the frames, which appear clear and decidedly unconventional. Acetate sheets in contrasting colors are placed horizontally or vertically along the fronts or create asymmetric details on one side, along the rim and/or the endpiece. The temples can be of two different shades, and one of the two colors might extend to the front, giving rise to chromatic contrasts that have a great visual impact. It is exactly the colours - in their most vivid and bold shades such as yellow, blue, red, black and transparent – that become the protagonists in the new Genesis models. Also noteworthy is the lightning bolt, the brand's new graphic symbol: the evocation of the superheroes of pop art is found not only in the new logo exhibited along the inside of the temples but also on the earpieces and along the top profile of the endpieces, where it is shown in vivid contrasting colours.

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The new Genesis collection, entirely in acetate, offers simple and timeless shapes designed to wear the gaze of the audacious with versatile models, a look that is wearable and unisex: it ranges from wide, square frames - like those of the GV1526 model of eyeglasses- to models that are more or less rounded – like GV1525 and GV1523 - without forgetting the models with reduced gauges such as GV1524.