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New Kaos collection: Shake your brain, shake your style!

An unexpected mix of bold colors and surprising details characterizes the new KAOS collection, an Area98 brand dedicated to creativity and transgression, conceived for those who are young, cosmopolitan, always on the move and who love to experience strong emotions.

The combination of the various elements of the design is transformed into an innovative and extravagant form of expression, totally unconventional. That dynamic and exuberant spirit who chooses KAOS, in fact, does not want to go unnoticed but rather wants to give a "shock" to his/her style. And it is in this "apparent chaos" that the new frames are identified, never commonplace and always ironic.

The color, as always the main inspiring element of the collection, is flanked by original decorations, unusual laminations and sharp contrasts that give life to contemporary and easy-to-wear frames with a strong character.

Quite particular is the seam effect proposed on the temples of various models as if to remember how KAOS wishes to break the patterns but at the same time knows how to "sew" together the most different styles: We find it in its most simple and linear shape in the wide square KK436 model and in the two-color version, with a more complex weave, both in the round model with a key-shaped bridge, the KK440, and in the combined model available, the KK441.

The inserts that give a studded effect on the KK438 and KK439 cat models, which are applied at the hinges, give personality to the temples. In the first proposal, entirely in acetate, the multicolored decorations are in contrast with the solid color base of the temple, while in the second model, combined, the elements are inserted on a base that has innovative patterns, to underline the brand’s total desire to dare. Multi-colored inserts also for the KK434 and KK435 models. The first one, with a thin profile, is also available in the glitter variant; the second one, with its more pronounced thicknesses and bolder lines, proposes a frontal which is the result of the combination of acetates with different motifs.

KKV439 400x300KKV435 400x300 copy