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We all love the beautiful weather and many of us spend significant money on a good pair of sunglasses to protect our own eyes, but what about our kid’s optical health? We happily cover them in factor 50 to protect their delicate skin, but we leave their eyes exposed to harsh damaging rays that can do permanent harm.

David Cartwright (Optometrist and trustee of the charity EYE UK) says:
“Children’s eyes are more at risk of damage from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. The lenses in their eyes are clearer and their pupils are wider, so let in more harmful rays. This may lead to cataracts developing prematurely later in life”.


Suneez are a brand-new range of stylish, funky kid’s sunglasses, which feature all the sun-blocking properties of an expensive pair of adult sunglasses. They come in one size, designed to fit kids from ages 5-12 years and are available in a range of cool colour combinations to make your little one look the part this summer!

Parents often avoid spending a lot of money on children’s sunglasses as they feel their kid’s “will break them or lose them”. Suneez have been developed with this in mind. They are made from highly flexible, virtually unbreakable material. Included with every pair is a colour coded gift box, silicone sports strap and a microfibre carry pouch – encouraging kids to keep their Suneez safe.

Key benefits of Suneez:
• 100% UVA/ UVB protection – Suneez lenses block 100% of harmful UVA / UVB rays up to and including UV400, protecting children’s sensitive eyes.
• Polarised lenses – reducing glare for safer, more comfortable and crystal-clear vision.
• Virtually unbreakable – with fully flexible frames, Suneez won’t snap when bent!
• Strap and carry pouch – kids won’t damage or lose their Suneez thanks to the handy strap and carry pouch that comes with each pair, also doubling as a useful lens cleaner.
• Vibrant packaging – making them perfect as a fun, cool gift for kids this summer.

David Strang, CEO and founder of Suneez said of the new brand: ‘we asked a focus group of parents why they don’t spend much on children’s sunglasses and the resounding response was that they’ll either get broken or lost, or that the parents weren’t aware children’s eyes were more susceptible to sun damage.” We wanted Suneez to be fashion forward, high quality and surpass safety requirements without breaking the bank. Most of all… kids love to wear them.

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