Silhouette, the world leader in rimless eyewear, is excited to unveil the all-new Momentum collection – a range of 12 stripped back models. Inspired by the optics of a clock, the Momentum collection offers an enchantingly clear and simple approach to eyewear, highlighting Silhouette’s expertise in minimalist design.

Made for everyday wear, the five models for women and seven models for men deliver a timeless style, replicating that of a fine piece of jewellery. Each frame features various coloured precious metals, seamlessly blending matte surfaces with the design’s sleek, glossy edges. Each model is then adorned with a decorative ring, creating a minimal yet intricate accessory.

The latest stunning collection introduces a total of 12 new styles for men and women. With individual style in mind, the models vary from elongated cat eye shapes to oversized butterfly designs for women, and from masculine rectangular frames to minimal rounded lenses for men.




Women are offered five subdued and stylish colour combinations – Rhodium and Heather Violet, Rose Gold and Highland Grey, Gold and Siena Red, Rose Gold and Desert and finally, Silver and Côte d’Azure Blue. While men are provided with seven new colour combinations, injecting masculine hues into simplistic craftsmanship – Ruthenium Skyline, Rhodium and Sonic Blue, Silver and Pacific Blue, Ruthenium and Cohiba Brown, Titanium and Iceland Black, Golden Dome and Rhodium and Monaco Red.




Constructed using Silhouette’s finest quality titanium, the Momentum collection combines quality with lasting design. Inspired by traditional clock- making, the models feature the brand’s unique new hinge technology called ‘Pin-cision’ hinge mechanism that embodies Silhouette’s perfect precision.

The Momentum collection is available under the Silhouette Vision Sensation™ programme: the brand’s new supplier initiative to provide frames and lenses from a single source. Under the Silhouette Vision Sensation™ programme, each stage of production will be carried out under the roof of the newly built Lens Lab in Linz. Silhouette frames and lenses combined together in harmony to create the sensation of perfect vision.


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