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What can we expect for specs this year? In 2019, we see some of last year’s looks reinvented, and old school throwbacks are also making a return. One of the key styles to note is the ever-evolving shapes seen with lenses. Circular, square and geometric are only the beginning as prescription silhouettes morph into forms that you’ve never worn before.


Here are some of the must-know glasses trends, for both men and women, to watch as we move into Spring / Summer ’19.



Timeless tortoiseshell is here to stay, and its unisex appeal makes it ideal for the modern millennial. Tortoiseshell prescription glasses are easy to style, and the cool, vintage-inspired, gender-fluid look blends seamlessly from daytime to evening.

This is the hipster eyewear of choice, it’s definitely the new geek chic, and it oozes oodles of urban charm and intelligence.

For women:


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For men:


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Transparent frames have been around for a while now, making waves in the fashion world and transforming the everyday work wardrobe. But it’s not just clear plastic and acetate that are stealing the show in 2019. Soft and subtle hues like barely-there greys, light nudes and oatmeal are just as prominent. They are also easier to match with any skin tone, and can be softer on your features.

Remember, thick rims are in. But thinner ones will be more wearable and more versatile for every occasion. You choose the look…

For women:


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For Men:


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Let’s turn our attention to shape-shifting. Something that’s been happening in the eyewear world for a while, but more prominently with sunglasses. We’ve seen the round lens morph into oval, rectangular lenses extend to be long and narrow, geos get all higgledy-piggledy, and new silhouettes that don’t fall into any particular category.

For men and women, unusual eyewear shapes can elevate an outfit, adding a contemporary twist and bringing it bang up to date with the runways. Here are some of our favourite prescription glasses with unusually-shaped frames.

For women:


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For men:


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Beige, browns, golden amber tones and mustardy yellows. Like the timeless tortoiseshell, these hues can warm up the face and complement every skin tone. The look? Totally retro. Think 1970s thick rims, oversized lenses, and acetate over metal. Channel cool transparency or opt for an elegant matte finish. Whatever you choose, these prescription specs will likely go with anything you wear…

For women:


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For men:


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Yes, round aviators were rocking for a while, but we think they’ve had their time in the spotlight. Taking centre stage in 2019 is the ‘navigator’. Not the classic aviator, but a squarer, more geometric, more angular version of a classic that we all know and love. This is the aviator frame amplified.

For women:


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For men:


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While we watch aviator specs getting larger, we’re also seeing many silhouettes slim down this year. From micro salads to micro bags, it seems to be human nature to make things smaller. And 2019 is the year of the micro spectacle, a concept that’s a spin-off from micro shades (as seen all over Instagram and supermodels like Gigi or Bella Hadid). Here are some of the hottest styles to add to your 2019 wardrobe…

For women:


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For men:


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