Heidelberg Engineering had a busy show with the launch of their engineering academy at their Sunborn Yacht reception. On the yacht they explained their optometric faculty created to train progressive practitioners in multi-model imaging. The technology improves patient care in the community to improve long-term diagnosis of conditions such as glaucoma, AMD, MS and diabetes.

Jude Edwards, chair of the faculty said that the Spectralis technology from Heidelberg enabled optometrists to give patients the more detailed care they were increasingly demanding and an opportunity for enhanced patient education. He said he runs monthly talks with groups of patients which was good for the patient and for the practice.

Heidelberg is starting a UK training roadshow to share clinical knowledge of how to use the technology to its fullest capacity and share clinical knowledge. The purpose of the faculty is to create a network of resources, Jude said, to help patients and the profession, through better holistic, systemic disease management.