Heidelberg Engineering will showcase the SPECTRALIS Imaging Platform at 100% Optical on the 4th, 5th and 6th February 2017. The SPECTRALIS is a multimodality imaging platform with an expandable design that lets it grow with your practice. The base model includes infrared fundus imaging with simultaneous OCT whilst upgrade options, such as BluePeak Autofluorescence, MultiColor, Anterior Segment, Widefield Imaging and OCT Angiography modules can be added to your device at any time in the future, as and when you need them.

The SPECTRALIS employs special technologies in order to achieve consistently high quality results to provide the optometrist with the information they need to manage their patients with confidence. Next generation fundus imaging with confocal scanning laser ophthalmoscopy (cSLO) makes high contrast, high quality imaging possible, even through cataracts. There is no bright flash and no dilation is necessary. Just stunning diagnostic quality images with precisely registered simultaneous OCT. This is combined with patented TruTrack Active Eye Tracking, which utilizes two beams of light simultaneously to track and image the eye. Actively tracking the eye in real-time throughout image capture mitigates the effects of eye motion and blinks, resulting in accurate OCT scan data. Additional clinical benefits of TruTrack Active Eye Tracking include precise, automated follow-up scanning with measurement reproducibility to within 1 micron; and excellent image quality throughout the volume scan. SPECTRALIS provides the optometrist with the tools they need to improve patient care by enabling them to detect small changes in the retina, accurately monitor these changes over time and refer patients for treatment at the earliest opportunity.

Heidelberg Engineering recognise the importance of training and education for any eye care professional using OCT. The Heidelberg Engineering Academy is a division of the company dedicated to education and Heidelberg Engineering were the first company to run nationwide OCT roadshows, providing free training to optometrists and dispensing opticians in OCT and fundus image acquisition and interpretation. Today more than 100 hours of education and over 50 CET points are on offer in 2017 to optometrists and dispensing opticians.

Education from Heidelberg Engineering at 100% Optical

Heidelberg Engineering will run a special OCT LIVE workshop in the Equipment Hub on Saturday 4th February between 12:45-1:45pm. The session will include live image acquisition of real patients on the big screen and a peer discussion on a series of macular cases one might see in practice.

In addition, on Sunday 5th February between 12:00-1:00pm, internationally acclaimed glaucoma specialist Professor Sanjay Asrani will discuss the latest multimodal imaging techniques for the diagnosis and management of glaucoma in optometric practice. He will present a series of cases that show how OCT and fundus imaging techniques can be used to assess eyes for glaucoma and assess eyes which have retinal diseases co-existing with glaucoma. His CET- accredited lecture will be delivered on the main stage and will reflect his position as a leading international glaucoma specialist and American Academy of Ophthalmology Award winner.

Email or call 01442 502 330 to find out abot special pricing that will be available for the SPECTRALIS at 100% Optical. Visit to discover CET in 2017