Grafton Optical will be showing new and proven types of equipment that will differentiate your clinical work and techniques from others and provide your patients with confidence in your skills.

Grafton select the very latest equipment from around the world from the most sought after manufacturers to ensure your practice is seen in the best light and recommended by your patients.

Every product is selected on the benefit to your practice, your patient and the benefits achieved against reasonable costs to the business. Whether its reducing clinical time without loss of information, providing successful monitoring of chronic disorders or even providing successful treatment outcomes Grafton selects the right equipment for your practice.

At 100% Optical you can see for the first time the early arrival of the E-Eye a device that provides long-term relief for Dry Eye sufferers, MGD patients (Meibomian gland dysfunction). Consider those patients with chronic dry eye gaining relief from your help for up to 3 years between consultations and their recommendations.

And here’s Grafton’s possible biggest winner at the show The NEW Reichert Ocular Response Analyser G3/7CR.

The G3 has been shortlisted for ‘Product of the year’ by the AOP. The G3 diagnostic instrument allows you to make a more confident glaucoma risk assessment with Corneal Hysteresis & IOPcc, providing superior predictors of glaucoma progression. Come and speak to the experts on the Grafton stand and learn how Corneal Hysteresis can help your patients. Check out your personal results at the show.

Come and see the NEW D-EYE Smartphone Based Retinal Screening System. A new way to examine the fundus and optic nerve. It allows, you to record and store images. Requiring no power the D-Eye attaches to the supplied bumper case for your specific smartphone. The 20° field of view provides a high-quality images, photos and movies, for you to record and store in a cloud based database.

The Easyscan SLO Retinal Camera, advances the traditional white light based retinal camera. You can see much much more than you are used to. The dual wavelength light source shows multiple layers of the retina. No need for a ‘dark area’ to use the Easyscan, it works in any light conditions. With a minimum pupil size of 1.5mm you will able to scan many more patients without the need for dilation. Visit the Grafton stand to experience Easyscan with the help of Anand Manichand a centre stage speaker on the Saturday in the debate “We can see clearly now”. The use of this scanning device makes it an obvious addition to the standard regular eye examination.

Ever wanted automation all in one machine? Then you must personally try the new VX120 from Visionix. The space saving, time saving VX120 will be demonstrated on the Grafton stand. The VX120 does all the following in under 3 minutes for both eyes:

Wavefront refraction-Topography-Pachymetry-Tonometry-Cataract Detection
Angle View-Pupilometry

Imagine such an instrument in your practice and how it aid patient flow saving you time and money.

Come on to the stand and experience the new but proven worldwide equipment with a hands-on approach with technicians who understand what you need to please your growing patient base without breaking the bank!

Grafton for significant advances in optometric care. Stand M12


Reichert Ocular Response Analyser G3/CR7

Easyscan SLO Retinal Camera

VX120 from Visionix