The microcirculation of the retina is an excellent window to the heart and the brain. Retinal vessels offer the unique opportunity to be examined in vivo and non-invasively and to provide valuable information about the condition of the body’s microcirculation. Imedos is using these characteristics of the ocular transparency to analyze retinal arteries and veins – and is now presenting its technology for the very first time at 100% Optical!

The Static Vessel Analysis clarifies the status of the microcirculation by using a very well validated method of measuring the AV-ratio, which serves as an important biomarker in screening, for instance, for the risk of hypertension and stroke. The Dynamic Vessel Analysis performs functional diagnostics in order to asses the retinal autoregulation, playing an important role in vascular eye diseases like diabetic retinopathy. Ophthalmodynamometry provides the special opportunity of measuring ocular blood pressure, which holds a particular meaning in the vascular aspects of glaucoma.

Large-scale cohort studies could prove the relevance and clinical use of the biomarkers gained from Retinal Vessel Analysis. We are convinced of the immense prospects for optimizing optometric screening and therapy guidance in chronic ocular and vascular diseases. There are extensive applications waiting for ambitious optometrists with perspicacity!

Learn more about the possibilities of Imedos products and your benefits in optometric and cardiovascular risk stratification.

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