We would like to invite delegates to visit stand M250, within the Equipment Hub, to gain invaluable CET points and find out more about our patented ultra-widefield optomap® technology and Daytona plus imaging device.

optomap ultra-widefield retinal imaging has helped redefine a visit to the optometrist by providing the ability to capture up to 82% of the retina and subsequently being a complimentary addition to a comprehensive eye exam. Optometrists are able to illustrate their findings with credible, visually compelling images, easily showing patients the presence or progression of pathologies, creating added impetus for patients to follow through on recommended referrals.

While one of the most common applications for optomap may be in the diagnosis and treatment of diabetic retinopathy, optomap is also being used to detect early signs of retinal tears / detachments in the far periphery, AMD, glaucoma and non-eye diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease and certain cancers. Optos has 500+ peer reviewed clinical studies and thousands of publications about optomap proving the long term value of this technology.

Customers tell us time and time again that the impact on clinical practice is enormous; Daytona plus is a truly unique product. Everything from its modern, sleek design, to its enhanced diagnostic power backed by 500+ peer reviewed clinical studies and thousands of publications based on our ultra-widefield retinal imaging technology, continues to support its long term value. Visit us at 100% Optical to learn how this investment could simultaneously improve the patient experience, by providing a value-add service that patients will love and recommend, and increase your revenues and increase staff productivity.

Talk to us about:
• Flexible payment plans to make the technology more affordable than ever
• Our improved image quality and new review software
• Why the early detection of pathology outside the central pole matters