Eye Refract has revolutionised the practice of refraction by offering quick, accurate, and reliable measurements. The device allows eye care professionals to optimise time spent with patients by offering a highly customised experience with an exceptional prescription. Eye Refract brings the average time of a standard refraction down from 8-10 minutes, to 2 minutes.

It features two Shack-Hartmann sensors running simultaneously to provide real time binocular refraction. These sensors combined with the phoropter head allow Eye Refract to automatically correct visual defects.

• Perfect visual acuity in a fraction of the time - less dedicated time for refraction, more time to interact with patients
• Accurate and reliable prescriptions offer maximum patient comfort in less time
• Monocular measurement in a binocular environment offers a more precise and comfortable prescription based on individual visual behaviour
• Real time lens adjustment based on patient brain reactions
• Distance and near vision measurement
• Fully automatic eye tracking and auto-focusing
• Based on patented Wavefront Technology developed by Visionix®
• Controlled by a Wi-Fi enabled tablet remote which allows the operator freedom of movement
• True addition which takes into account real distance results in unmatched comfort for patients
• Easy-to-use refractive instrument featuring highly repeatable results independent of operator, patient, or methods used


How Eye Refract will have a positive impact on practices

Eye Refract is the perfect instrument for eye care professionals wishing to achieve a highly accurate refraction in a fraction of the time of traditional methods.

The device features a dual Aberrometer that utilises a unique and innovative technology which couples an automatic refraction measurement and a simultaneous iterative lens adjustment.

Eye Refract uses real time lens adjustment based on patient brain reactions to reduce bias induced by patient uncertainty. This results in extremely accurate and reliable prescriptions for maximum patient comfort.

Eye Refract also creates efficiencies for practices and allows practitioners to devote more time to patient interaction, diagnostic tests and consultation on findings.

Eye Refract is extremely easy-to-use and produces highly repeatable results independent of operator, patient, or methods used.


What differentiates Eye Refract to other alternatives in the market?

There are no alternatives to the Eye Refract on the market. The device offers a completely unique technology with accuracy that no conventional auto refractor keratometer can achieve.

Eye Refract is designed and manufactured by Visionix USA, the global leader in Wavefront diagnostics.

Eye Refract was introduced into the UK market by Grafton Optical in 2017 and is already garnering a lot of attention from optometrists and ophthalmologists alike for this exciting new device’s time saving and reliability of accuracy.