Mainline Optical Connections are launching UFO, the first plug and play fog security system designed to stop thieves in their tracks! UFO acts immediately and has a built in volumetric sensor that ensures no false alarms. The fog dispensed is non-toxic and is made up of alcohol and dietary glycol. The fog is not humid and will not damage furniture or electrical equipment. There are no installation costs, as it is self-installed and very easy to plug straight in. It has a seven hour back up battery in case of power cuts, still keeping the store protected.

There is a choice of three different size units depending on the range of the area you would like to cover. You can activate and deactivate the UFO by just a simple press of a button from your smart phone, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to switch on the alarm as you can check it is activated on your phone. UFO prevents theft and also takes away the hassle and time of having to reorder stock that has been stolen, with this fog security system they can’t see your stocks so will be unable to steal them.

Mainline offer unrivalled service and support along with a Five Year Guarantee on the unit. Videos of the UFO in action can be viewed on our website at Please call us on 01377 257752 or visit us at 100% Optical Stand M7 to find out more about UFO!