It takes more than great ideas and capital to attract customers to your store - or practice - and retain them.

These days it takes genuine care and dedicated services: customers don’t come to your store for the low prices, they can certainly find better at low-cost franchises. They don’t come for the variety of products offered either; they’re likely to find even more products at big stores belonging to big brands.

They come for you and what you represent. They choose to put their trust in you because they rest on your knowledge, they admire your expertise, and they look up to your dedication... and they can see value in that.

Because we would rather assume that technological excellence is a standard that you should be expecting from any imaging device manufacturer (leaving aside the fact that you can try the EasyScan yourself this year at 100% Optical - or ask any of our 800+ customers worldwide). We would rather let you know that EasyScan is much more than a retinal imaging device: we offer you the means to share your expertise with your customers in a way that is easy to understand and memorable.

Customer education can play an important role in building and enhancing customer loyalty, which is the reason why we turned “the eye exam” into a pleasurable experience: it is quick, performed with a device that is easy to handle, requiring no dilation, no darkened room, and that also works with very small pupils. This allows you to spend more time with your patients.

Our technology allows you to spot changes and abnormalities in their early stages, and our software makes your life easier by providing you with videos and materials that you can use to make the results of the exams easy to explain and easy to understand.

EasyScan has a proven track record of opticians and optometrists that have met increased sales and customer loyalty using our device and its numerous features oriented towards customer education and interaction.

Come and try it yourself this year at 100% optical!


How EasyScan will have a positive impact on your optical store or practice:

• Be the expert you customers need: Easily spot abnormalities and malfunctions in their early stages, allowing you to ensure proper follow up or send your customers to the fitting eye doctor

• The EasyScan is the perfect instrument for eye care professionals wishing to achieve a highly accurate eye examination in a fraction of the time of traditional methods and without the need of a dark room or dilation. This allows you to spend more time with your patients while keeping your dispensing opportunities on.

• Be your customers’ only trusted expert: The EasyScan puts at your disposition the means to educate your customers, thus giving you the opportunity to build lasting relationships

• Draw more customers to your store, thanks to physical and digital marketing material
• Strengthen both your medical and commercial knowledge, thanks to our customers-exclusive content available only on the EasyScan Academy

• See your customers becoming more engaged and visiting you more often, thanks to the Retina Report to go