Cerium Visual Technologies are delighted to announce the release of an exciting, new and fully digital instrument at 100% Optical 2018 – The Intuitive Colorimeter™ ‘Curve’.

Developed in partnership with the University of Essex under a government programme facilitated by Innovate UK, the ‘Curve’ system embodies cutting edge technology, sleek styling, and an innovative digital solution for Colorimetry assessment in the modern practice.

Since the launch of the first model of Intuitive Colorimeter 25 years ago, three generations of the instrument have followed a manual assessment process, allowing the parameters of hue, saturation and brightness to be explored systematically. Whilst the ‘Curve’ still follows a systematic process familiar to the vision professional, the functionality of this fully digital system unlocks additional features such as automated ordering to make for a more streamlined experience for patient and practitioner alike.

The new instrument has a smaller footprint, is light to transport, is aesthetically and ergonomically pleasing (designed to fit with a modern streamlined practice); it requires minimal maintenance, provides a curved aperture to shield from residual light and a headrest that is cleanable, removable and replaceable.

The Intuitive Colorimeter ‘Curve’ will be on display for the first time on Stand M211 at 100% Optical at EXCEL from Saturday 27th to Monday 29th January 2018.