A new strategy aimed at independent businesses with the desire to embrace the digital age and actively use new technology to create a completely unique and new patient experience.

Essilor Bespoke is a business transformation programme that helps independents move to where they need to be to prosper and grow, it delivers financial success and positively changes the face of the business.

The patient will enjoy the highest visual performance and a complete in-store experience that they will come back for. Essilor has invested in a new dedicated team to work in parallel with the existing account management team. The Bespoke consultant works directly with the practice team to implement growth driving strategies which impact directly on the bottom line. Bespoke partners will also have their own marketing consultant to help them take their practice to the next level.

Randeep Gill, Commercial Director comments; “The Bespoke experience is not just about the patient having the best visual solution but the most remarkable experience of their eye examination.

“The 70 businesses that have already embarked on the journey show that the Bespoke programme has boosted competitive advantage and resulted in revenue growth.”

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