Ez-Fit: The Milling Revolution

Discover the new optical lens edger tailored for the optical shops. It simplifies the lens fitting for any frame, even the most complex ones. Update your lab with the most advanced and fast edging technology.

EZ-FIT, edging machine for Rx lenses with manual or automatic block-less loading, provides the same precision and reliability as an industrial lab auto lens edger, with lower prices and a considerably lower footprint. EZ-FIT automatically defines the edging parameters and calculates the edge profile to match lens and frame.

EZ-FIT allows your shop to increase turnover and throughput, reducing mounting time. The edging of any kind of lens with simple or complex shapes is quick, and drilling, grooving, polishing and angled cuts for wrap frames are made easy. EZ-FIT is THE lens edger, perfect for super hydrophobic lens-edging thanks to the zero-force milling process provided by the use of milling tools at all edging stages. EZ-FIT eliminates any manual process and completes the edging in one single step, avoiding any damage due to lens manipulation.