We are proud to announce that two new NIDEK products have received the ‘’Red Dot Award 2018’ , one of the three internationally recognised world design awards in Germany.

The TS-310 desktop refraction system and LM-7 Lensmeter were winners for their innovative conception, functionality, human engineering, ecology, and duration.

As proud exclusive distributors of NIDEK, this award is a great achievement encouraging us to continue to respond to the needs of the ophthalmology and optometry instrument market with outstanding technology.



At a glance:

  • Refractor, control box and chart in one
  • Simple and accurate refraction
  • Versatile - patient can be sitting or standing
  • Compact footprint
  • Easy installation 


Continuing in the long tradition as the market leader in automated phoropters, NIDEK have introduced the ultra shortform TS-310. This takes the superlative functionality of the NIDEK auto phoropter and blends it with the high definition LCD chart so many of us are familiar with. The quality examination is embodied in a new groundbreaking design that significantly minimises the examination footprint.

The TS-310 fulfils the need for simple and reliable refraction, in an attractive design, wherever space limitations exist.

Operation orientated control box
The colour LCD touch screen displays all data with high visibility with simple and understanding interfaces. It includes a high speed printer which automatically outputs the examination data.

Sophisticated Phoropter
The ergonomic design enhances a stress-free examination environment for the user and patient whilst maintaining super accuracy and speed.

Reliable Chart Unit
It uniquely uses the same high resolution charts for both far and near testing with a single button push.

User-friendly features
Examinations can be from both the right and left side of patients and can be positioned with the greatest flexibility.





At a glance:

  • Improved design and user interface
  • Advanced measurement principle - 108 measurement points
  • Greater accuracy and reliability
  • UV transmittance measurement
  • Full graphic LCD with touchscreen


Both design and user interface have been improved for simplified operation to expand utility of the device, while maintaining the highly valued measurement principles, functionality and quality.

Advanced measurement principle
Incorporates simultaneous measurement of 108 data points within the nosepiece, provides greater accuracy and reliability with easier and faster measurements

Green light close to the ISO standard
gives more precise measurement values without Abbe number compensation. Placing a lens on the nosepiece activates the auto lens type detection to determine the lens type instantly.

Other features include: UV transmittance measurement, prism layout function, pupillary distance measurement -using the simple scale displayed on the screen.