Colorimetry in practice: The defimitive course for prescribing tinted lenses

Both new and current users of the Intuitive Colorimeter were delighted to see the exciting digital version when it was launched at 100% Optical in January this year. The ‘Curve’ was developed with the help of a government sponsored knowledge transfer partnership scheme between The University of Essex and Cerium Visual Technologies. The industry has shown a keen appetite for a more modern approach to Colorimetry assessment, and demand has been exceptional.


The International Institute of Colorimetry (IIoC) is a not for profit organisation that supports both users of Colorimetry and patients, whilst also seeking to raise awareness with government in pursuit of funding for the lenses, particularly for school aged children who may prove to suffer from Visual Stress and who may benefit from precision tinted lenses.
The Department for Universities provides funding for assessment and precision tinted lenses, through the Open University, for degree level students (including nursing and military) who can prove on-going difficulties with reading. The pursuit for funding for school aged children is ongoing.


The International Institute of Colorimetry (IIoC) also co-ordinates regular training courses for vision practitioners, featuring the Colorimeter and coloured overlays. It also provides up to the minute information about the condition of Visual Stress and supporting research. The courses, which are supported by the Institute of Optometry, often take place at Aston University in Birmingham which has good transport links and facilities.


The next course will take place on Friday 5th October at Aston. For further information and booking, please click here.

In the coming twelve months the new digital Colorimeter ‘Curve’ will be appearing at vision exhibitions and events across the UK, as well as launching internationally in the United States and Australia, where the previous generation of instrument is already used widely.

It’s an exciting time for Colorimetry, and we look forward to welcoming you to the stand to fill you in on all the latest developments at 100% Optical 2019!


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“We have been using a colorimeter for the last 3 years and as a result we have been able to help many patients with reading difficulties. The equipment is easy to use and with the new electronic curve version, all the work is done for you, making it effortless to use. The whole process is mapped out and easy to follow and Cerium are always on hand to answer any queries. Along with OCT, this is one of the best investments we have made and it is a real asset to the practice. I would recommend the new curve colorimeter to anyone who is keen to build their practice by helping people with reading difficulties.”
Steve Wright, Malcolm Grey Optometrists, Sutton Coldfield.


“After being involved in the evaluation and prescribing of precision tinted lenses for almost 20 years the newly designed Curve Colorimeter has enhanced the process of tint evaluation for both myself and the subject . By streamlining the whole technique and allowing patient interaction it has given even more confidence to the subject for a successful outcome. Plus it now looks like a modern piece of technology and at an affordable price ”
Stephen Wilcox, Stephen Wilcox Optometrists, Liverpool


“Having used a Mk 2 Cerium Intuitive Colorimeter for many years I can honestly say that the latest version of the Colorimeter really does put the intuitive in Intuitive Colorimeter. Easy and quick to use, happy patient's and a very happy practitioner.”
Paul Harries, Paul Harries Opticians, Camarthen


“The new Curve is a delight - aesthetically pleasing to the eye, easy to use, paper-free and assessments can be done quickly. We are thankful to Cerium for offering this upgrade at such a good price. It is also positive when our young patients who are now having a repeat assessment comment on the new instrument.
For the people who benefit from colour the impact on their learning is enormous and as a community practice we feel privileged to be able to offer this valuable service. “
Joy Hynes, Hynes Optometrists, Ealing