We are pleased to announce that Topcon are exhibiting at 100% Optical for the first time.

Therefore to give our delegates an insight into what they can expect to see, we have created a product directory giving detailed information on the Topcon range.

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 Topcon image 1

3D OCT-1 MaestroTopcon 3D OCT with built-in Fundus camera

»» 50,000 A-scans/sec SD OCT
»» Colour Fundus camera approved by the NHS Diabetic Eye Screening Programme (DESP)
»» Colour and OCT imaging with Pinpoint Registration™
»» Automated capture system (macula and disc OCT with simultaneous photography can be achieved in under 60 seconds)
»» Anterior OCT, using Radial and Line Scans to measure corneal curvature, cornel thickness and chamber angles
»» Clinically repeatable with enhanced Glaucoma and macular comparison modules
»» Rich analysis functions for Macula, Glaucoma and Anterior



Topcon image 2 

DRI OCT Triton

»» Swept Source OCT 1050nm with 100,000 A-scans/sec
»» True colour Fundus Photography
»» Posterior and Anterior Swept Source OCT
»» Green Fundus Auto Fluorescence*
»» Fluorescein Angiography*
»» Swept Source OCT Angiography with OCTARA™ ratio analysis
»» OCTA vessel density mapping
»» Up to 12x12mm scan patterns for OCTA and 6x6mm high density scan patterns for OCTA
»» SMARTTrack™ for accuracy and repeatability
»» Pinpoint RegistrationTM with chosen image modalities
»» IMAGEnet® 6 – Topcon’s new imaging platform, compatible with all legacy OCT data



Topcon image 3

Eye-Light® Simple but effective treatment for Dry Eye.

»» Dual treatment OPE/IPL and LM using LLLT (Low Level Light Therapy)
»» No gel application needed
»» Simultaneous treatment of lower and upper eye lids
»» Treatment parameters safely managed by onboard software
»» Non-invasive and stress free treatment of MGD
»» Multiple ophthalmic treatment possibilities with one unit



 Topcon image 4

CV-5000ProComputerised Phoropter 

» Small & compact design
» High speed lens disc rotation
» Near vision LED illumination
» Fully adjustable phoropter head, including tilting option for near vision test



 Topcon image 5

CC-100XP Test Chart

» 22” LCD screenWide range of optotypes
» Virtually unlimited test charts
» White Maddox LED light source
» MKH test sequence according to Haase
» Wi-Fi & USB connection
» CV-5000 Tablet ready
» 100% polarisation
» Spatial Frequency contrast sensitivity test



 Topcon image 6

Henson 9000Visual Field Analyser

» New ZATA threshold algorithm conforms to Goldmann standard
» Faster threshold testing using prior data for greater accuracy
» Uses variable terminating criteria to further reduce test times especially in normal and severely damaged eyes
» Fast single and multiple stimulus suprathreshold programme
» Numerous PC configuration



 Topcon image 7

SL-D701 DC4 BG5MDigital Slit Lamp

» LED technology
» High resolution DC-4 digital slit lamp and video camera
» Meibomian gland imaging module
» Up to 40x optical magnification



 Topcon image 8

TRK-2P - 4 in 1 Pre-screener - Auto-Refractometer/Keratometer

» Refractometer, Keratometer, Non-Contact Tonometer, and Pachymeter in one single instrument
» Fully automated measurement and alignment
» Rotating touch screen control panel
» Compact and modern design



Topcon image 9 

CA-800Multifunctional Corneal Analyser with Comprehensive Tear Film Analysis and Meibomian Gland Imaging

»»Real corneal radii topography
»»Keratoconus analysis (KPI)
»»Zernike analysis
»»Tear film analysis
»»Simulated contact lens fitting
»»Infrared Meibography



 Topcon image 10

IS-100 - Refraction Unit and Chair

»» Two instrument rotatable sliding tabletop
»» Standard tabletop elevation
»» Touch screen control panel
»» Small footprint
»» Right & left version available



 Topcon image 11

LM-8 LensmeterTopcon’s original cross line target.

Its new combination of corona and cross line target creates the sharpest image that you have ever seen. The central square spots gives extremely fine verification of cylindrical axis line.
»» LED illumination target
»» Battery operated
»» Built-in prism compensator



 Topcon image 12

CL-300 Lensmeter

»» LCD colour touch panel
»» Compact slim body
»» Automatic mono & multi-focal detection
»» UV transmittance measurement
»» Green measurement light beam



 Topcon image 13

Tonocare by KeelerWireless Non-Contact Tonometer

»» Simple to use
»» Gives consistently fast, accurate and reliable readings
»» Designed and built for patient comfort
»» Adjustable forehead rest
»» Front window and puff tube


»» Full connectivity with Topcon devices.
»» Fast analysis and report generation from all imaging devices.
»» Dicom and HL7 support. 



»» Connect all devices, irrespective of manufacture, to one database.
»» Monitor and compare patient reports from multiple devices.
»» Improve efficiency and diagnostic capability with all clinic data available in one application with one click.


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