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The EasyScan an eye examination device that helps you deliver better, engaging eye examinations while bringing new customers to your store.

How is this being done?
EasyScan brings to your store a new layer of clinical relevance thanks to a compact, easy to handle and visually pleasant cSLO device that anyone in your practice can use (even the least trained employees) – and that your patients will surely ask about. We took the advanced confocal scanning laser technology and improved it: the EasyScan laser scans a line over the retina, building up the image top to bottom, which means only a small portion of the retina is illuminated at the time – instead of the entire retina at once as with a traditional Fundus camera. This results in more focused light and only at the place where it’s necessary: that’s why the EasyScan works with the smallest pupils (1.5mm), while producing razor sharp images.
Fast and easy to handle, working on small pupils, requiring no dilation, working under any light conditions... and resulting in pictures allowing you to spot abnormalities in their early stages – AMD, Diabetic Retinopathy, Glaucoma, and much more.

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And we’re just getting started:
Because we take pride in the quality of the pictures the EasyScan can take, we’ve decided to go the extra mile for our customers, simply because we understand that they’re aware that offering great eyecare -or great products is not enough to stand out from the crowd anymore.
We aim to help you make every single eye exam meaningful and memorable: Our software combines the tools you need to accurately evaluate the results of the eye exams, to the features required to offer your patients a memorable experience. This results in more up-selling opportunities, more referrals, improved retention rates, and increased growth for your practice, but also turns your patients into true advocates of your practice.
Our software is packed with tools and features facilitating your conversations with your patients thanks to built-in documents and visuals to help them truly understand the importance of their eyes, and therefore, of your services too. From 3D visualization tools to the “retina report to go” a patient-friendly, smartphone-ready eye exam report that your patient will show and share with their friends and families, we packed our software with the features you need to turn a simple eye examination into a meaningful and enticing experience that your patients will truly value and remember.

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This isn’t it:
We understand our customers’ needs and value their time and dedication, and we know too well how little time they have to promote their practices. For that reason, upon acquiring an EasyScan, our customers get access to the EasyScan Academy – an online platform hosting an ever-growing library of content aiming at helping you grow your practice. From marketing documents ready to be printed to promote your practice online or offline to video/webinars helping you to make the best out of the EasyScan - or to interpret the results of your exams- along with all you need to further your commercial skills as well as educate your patients, everything you need is there.

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