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Stephen Wilcox Optometrists, established 1983, based in South Liverpool has 20 years experience offering colorimetry in his practice. Today we talk to Stephen to establish the benefits an upgrade from his original Colorimeter to the latest 'Curve' has brought him.


Stephen Wilcox Optometrists

A true community practice which has adapted to the needs of local peoples’ requirements for their eyecare. Our staff acknowledge a high proportion of patients by their first names and likewise they to us.

We feel we have a respected and trusted professional position within the area.


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Being involved with the diagnosis and treatment of visual stress (Meares Irlen Syndrome), more or less from the early concept and recognition of the condition, has enabled us to be recommended by some of the major educational institutes, schools and public service bodies within Liverpool and beyond.

As such our first Colorimeter was purchased 20 years ago and has just been replaced by the latest design “The Curve”. Not only does the new machine look a modern piece of technology it is also patient friendly and children are keen to see what it’s all about.


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The Curve has made the whole assessment more streamlined and efficient. The results are also more accurate than its predecessor and there is little, if any, need to make any alteration to the final tint outcome. The ability to email the results from the instrument straight to Cerium speeds up the ordering process too.

It was during my visit to 100% Optical last year that I saw the new machine and decided it was time to trade my “old faithful” Mk1 in.

For the independent optical business I have always felt it important to be open to new ideas and treatments and just be as different as you can be from your competition which enables you to offer services that are more unique. Enhance technology, employ and retain good staff are vital in today’s competitive market.


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