Clean your glasses and sports eyewear easily with the NEW Eyeshaker from Mainline Optical Connections. The Eyeshaker cleans the lenses and frames, perspiration, make-up, hairspray and dirt are gently rinsed off the glasses to give your eyewear a shiny new look. Fill the Eyeshaker capsule half full and add two squirts of the cleaning product, put the eyewear inside and shake the capsule for 15 seconds. Thanks to the special mounting system at the bottom, the glasses are fixed into the Eyeshaker keeping the frame secure and no risk of being damaged. Rinse thoroughly after taking out of the capsule and dry with the grey side of microfibre cloth, polish with the white side. Visit them at the show to see the product for yourself or call them today to find out more about their introductory offers 01377 257752! ]

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