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Imagine if you had the ability to detect dysfunction earlier, track disease progression and tailor treatment more effectively. As a world leader in modern visual electrophysiology, Diopsys, Inc. provides eye care professionals with objective, functional information about the health of the vision system using patient-friendly lid sensors, compact device design, and intuitive, color-coded reports based on reference ranges.

Results from these advanced electroretinography (ERG) and visual evoked potential (VEP) tests are not just for rare diseases, but for managing more common disorders like glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, toxic retinopathies, and optic neuritis, among others.

The company’s patented technology allows optometrists to evaluate retinal and visual pathway health now and over time, leading to tailored treatment and more precise disease management.


“Practicing optometry has not been the same since we started using Diopsys ERG/VEP equipment. I have been fortunate to have worked with Marc and the team at Diopsys with regards to early detection of glaucoma as well as diabetic retinopathy through pattern ERG and flicker ERG. This is only the tip of the surface, and with VEP and mfERG, we are able to see damage due to MS as well early damage due to Hydroxychloroquine. What a genius invention enabling us to objectively decipher the function of the retinal photoreceptors, ganglion cells, retinal nerve fibre layers and ultimately the optic nerve. We now have a system that gives us tangible information on the whole visual pathway and the striate cortex. To me Diopsys has made me the complete Optometrist enabling me to detect early changes and helping ophthalmologists prevent loss of sight. An instrument that is wholly beneficial to the patient.”

Kirit Patel from Radlett Opticians


"The Diopsys technology has provided us with a very significant advance in our diagnostic capabilities. We find it particularly invaluable for assessing ocular hypertensives and suspect glaucoma patients as well as for use in monitoring patients taking medication that can have serious ocular side effects."

Simon Barnard from Barnard Levit Optometrists


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