Baum UK's Visio 500 is the new professional, full HD video magnifier for people with low vision. Due to the new design with motorized camera motion, the PC-keyboard can be placed right in front of the reading table. The individually adjustable monitor allows for relaxed and tireless reading. The Visio 500 is simply connected as a monitor to the PC, and used in conjunction with the standard split-screen-function. Visio 500 is the choice for the modern workstation.

The benefits of using the Visio 500 are:

  • Ergonomically optimized
  • Simple and intuitive handling
  • Full HD camera and screen
  • Monitor height, tilt and reading distance are easily adjustable
  • Newly designed reading table with switchable damping function
  • Modern design
  • Small footprint compared to traditional CCTV cameras
  • Superior quality made in Germany for vocational and private use


Camera - movement is controlled by the user through simply and lightly pushing or pulling the locked table in the y-direction. Pressure sensors interpret this signal and electrically adjust the camera to move up and down the page.

This brings a clear advantage for a pc-workstation: Since the reading table needs only to be physically moved horizontally (x direction), the keyboard and mouse can be placed directly in front of the device. Desk space is “cleaned up”; the user sits in front of the adjustable screen and has keyboard and mouse directly in front of the screen. Space beside the Visio 500 remains empty, and can be used for other purposes.

The pictures on this page show the clear advantage of the VISIO 500 compared to a traditional solution. This is not only important at work. Many partially sighted people have a PC at home, and space is an issue here as well.

To find out more information about the Visio 500, they have a detailed video presentation available here: