Incorporating the latest LED technology, Mewscraft brings you the LED backlit display. Whether it is within a cabinet or simply a back panel to rods or shelves, the soft glow of LED lighting is the perfect way to show off your favourite frames.

Hal Cripwell, Managing Director for Mewscraft, states that “in our experience, many practices require flexible display space that really makes the frames stand out. An LED backlit display is the perfect way of achieving this”. He goes on to say “LED backlighting really draws customer to the display and makes frames sparkle at their best, no matter how much they cost”.

Available in a range of colour temperatures, from warm white to cool white, the mood of the display can be chosen to suit the atmosphere of the practice. Dimming is also an option, allowing users to control the brightness of their displays at varying times of day and for varying weather”.

With 25 years experience in optical refurbishment, Mewscraft covers all aspects of refurbishing a practice, from small one-off displays to complete re-fits including electrics, lighting, flooring, furniture and displays. A dedicated team of designers will assist you in developing your ideas and taking these through to reality. 

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