The Body Doctor exhibited at 100% Optical 2018 and showcased the Eye Doctor hot eye compress for Dry Eye Disease, MGD and Blepharitis.

They were interviewed by the event press to find out more about the company, the success & the people behind this leading brand. Watch the video here.

Dr Hilary Jones from Good Morning Britain joined The Body Doctor at the show to meet all of the customers who came to the stand.

The Body Doctor, manufacturers of the well established microwave and oven hot eye compress the Eye Doctor®, have expanded the range to further help relieve the symptoms of MGD, Blepharitis, Dry Eye Disease along with various other eye conditions.

Firstly the Eye Mask, a hot eye compress, filled with flax retailing at only £9.99

Secondly the Ice Doctor®, a wheat filled cold eye compress for easing the symptoms of Hayfever, allergies, inflammation, tired, itchy, sore eyes as well as sinus headaches and Migraines. RRP £9.99

New to the Body Doctor range are the preservative and detergent free Eyelid Wipes. Packed in boxes of 10’s & 30’s the Eyelid Wipes perform step 3 of a 3 step process for eyelid hygiene.

TV Doctor, Dr Hilary Jones, Health Editor at Good Morning Britain who worked as a Senior House Officer in ophthalmology before entering general practice, backs the Body Doctor range of products. On the Eye Doctor, Dr Hilary says “The Eye Doctor is a simple, ingenious and reusable solution for a wide range of common eye conditions.”

The Body Doctor continues to support the UK’s largest Optical event; Come along and meet the team on stand B321.