The Body Doctor are specialists in eyelid hygiene. Their products offer a variety of solutions to aid a range of medical eye conditions.

The case study below talks about the symptoms of dry eye disease (DED) with a regular user of their 'Eye Doctor' mask. 30 year old Amelia Mulley, an Account Director at a marketing agency in London talks about how DED affects her day to life and the methods she uses to combat it.

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How long have you suffered from dry eye disease (DED)?
A long time! I studied English at University and noticed then that my symptoms getting worse due to the nature of the work. This was about 12 years ago.

What are your symptoms? (Describe the journey experiencing symptoms up to the final diagnosis of DED)
My symptoms started with heavy, tired eyes. I found them quite sensitive to light from my computer screen and it made computer work and reading difficult. I put it down to my university lifestyle and not enough sleep, but over time it got worse. I visited the opticians who suggested it might be an allergy, so I started taking antihistamines daily. Once I started full time work, my eyes really felt the strain of 8 hours in front of a computer screen. They would water, almost constantly and they would itch which would drive me crazy! I put up with this until last year when I went back to the opticians describing my symptoms. She prescribed artificial tears, which I have used almost daily since.

How long did it take you to be diagnosed?
9 years

How does DED affect daily life? (Describe situations where it is difficult to focus / concentrate / work / live / attend social occasions – if you can be as full as possible to really describe what it is like living with the symptoms and how it affects normal daily life, I’d be grateful)
DED affects me significantly, from how long I can work at my computer, to going to sleep at night. Artificial tears apply some relief during the working day, at the expense of my appearance and showing off my panda eyes! However, it's not a practical solution. So, on a night out for example, I find I can't wear the eye make-up I want as my eyes are too sensitive to have anything around them. They will just water and itch. Going to bed at night, I hoped this would give me relief but I find myself concentrating on the irritation and I can feel the every movement of my eyes.

Is there anything in particular DED has stopped you from doing / enjoying?
Make-up, as mentioned above.

Were friends and family, employers sympathetic or did they think it was all in your mind / not take the condition seriously?
I don't think anyone is really aware of DED and how debilitating it can be. In my experience most people are quite dismissive. I find it easier to say I have an allergy.

Has DED affected your appearance? (Describe if yes)
Yes. Apart from the make-up issues from my eyes watering, they are often red and look quite sore.

Has DED affected your confidence as a result? (Describe how if yes)
Yes. Paranoid about my appearance at meetings / meeting new people due to lack of eye make up and paranoid about people noticing/ standing out if they are red and sore?

What treatments have you tried? And did they work?
Artificial tears. They work in the short term for instant relief.

What treatment (s) do you currently use and how often?
Artificial tears first thing in the morning
Eye Doctor mask at bedtime

How do you find using the Eye Doctor? And what do you like about it as a treatment?
The Eye Doctor is such a great product. I don't regard it a treatment, more like a personal pampering session. It takes seconds to heat up and feels so soothing on your eyes. For me, it's a 10 minute relaxation ritual before bed that helps me sleep like a baby, and helps relieve my DED in the process.

How regularly do you use the Eye Doctor?
I try and use it every night, purely because I love it so much. If not, at least 4 times a week.

Would you recommend Eye Doctor to anyone else?
100%. Even if you don't suffer from DED, I believe anyone can benefit from using it. I feel like it completely resets my eyes from the strain of city pollution and the office environment.

Will you continue to use Eye Doctor?

What can you do now that perhaps you had stopped due to DED?
My eye drop use has almost completely stopped and I feel free to wear eye make up during the day.