MyGlassesandMe (MGAM) is an eyewear blog, which aims to bridge the gap between fashion and eyewear. Blogger Siu-Yin Shing has a background in fashion and a passion for eyewear and aims to bridge the divide one blog post at a time. In this guest post she shares her thoughts on the showcase of international brands at 100% Optical 2015.

100% Optical is fast approaching their second show which opens on 7th February 2015. Excitement is mounting and the team behind the show are working harder to bring us a bigger and better show! Back in February 2014 when the doors opened for the first ever London optical show over at London ExCeL, the three day show attracted more than 50000 visitors and not just from the UK but overseas too.

Now under two months away, what can visitors expect from the 2015 show? The show itself will be bigger with more exhibitors joining the 100% Optical family. Another very exciting thing is many brands that have never exhibited in the UK before have chosen to exhibit at 100% Optical. That is something to be proud of for a new show.

You have big brands such as Silhouette who have not exhibited on UK soil for six years but they will be at 100% Optical 2015 showcasing some of the latest frames, since 100% Optical will be the first optical show of the year in 2015. All Visitors will get the first glimpse of all the latest styles for 2015 and this also applies to all other exhibitors too.

Silhouette profile

As well as Silhouette, Cazal and Mykita (also big brands) will be exhibiting in the UK and it will be their very first time to do so. I am sure both brands need no introductions, it is so thrilling to see brands of this size supporting a new show.

CAZAL main

The show is not just about attracting the big boys within the industry. Another element to the show is to introduce more niche European brands to the UK market.  A lot of the time buyers from UK practices may not get the chance to visit European shows due to time and cost. Therefore effectively UK consumers are missing out on some stylish frames compared to the rest of Europe. With 100% Optical right on our doorstep (and situated in the fashion capital) there is no excuse for not coming, even just for one day!

Eyewear brands Tavat Eyewear, Prego Eyewear, Mo Eyewear and Roger Eye Design have never exhibited in the UK but after lots of positive feedback from the 2014 show they have signed up for 2015! Some exhibitors even said 100% Optical was so well organised with the standards so high that it was comparable to shows such as Mido or Silmo which are of course two of the industry's most well known (and long standing) shows. It is huge recognition from industry professionals to make such a bold statement about a new show, therefore, it is only natural that it is attracting so many brands to the UK for the first time.

As well as the show being praised for it organisational skills, brands are choosing to exhibit at 100% Optical for the first time because they feel this show is offering something different to other UK based shows. A lot of brands are keen to break into the UK market but feel they never had the opportunity to do so, 100% Optical is making that possible.

New brands such as Aspire Eyewear will be using 100% Optical as a platform to launch their eyewear range. It is highly exciting to see that even new brands are confident enough with the show and are happy to use it as a platform to make their mark in the world of optical.

Aspire profile

And its not just eyewear brands, Italian eyewear accessory brand Fedon will also be exhibiting in the UK for the very first time at 100% Optical. They are well known within the industry for producing cases, cloths and leather goods. It is fantastic to see a another big brand like Fedon (that exhibit at other major shows) are willing to give 100% Optical a try and I am sure the show will impress them.

For all the buyers who want to give your customers something new and refreshing in your practice, here are some more details on the brands I have mentioned above:

TAVAT profile2

Tavat Eyewear is an Italian brand and they work exclusively with independent opticians. They are a frame and lens company to ensure every wearer gets the Tavat experience.


Prego Eyewear is a Danish brand who specialise in sunglasses but of course all styles are also suitable to wear as prescription glasses.

mo eyewear profile 3

Mo Eyewear is a Spanish brand so expect plenty of bright, vibrant, fun colours and shapes within the collection. Perfect for Spring/Summer 2015.

Roger eye design 2

Roger Eye Design is a Dutch brand who are always seeking out new techniques. They do not class themselves as a fashion led brand but they design from an opticians's point of view.

Aspire 2

Aspire Eyewear is of course a new eyewear brand on the optical scene. The brand is about using new materials that are colourful and durable with a “barely there” feel.

I am very excited to check out these brands myself during the show. If you see me walking around do stop, say “Hi” and let me know your thoughts of the show because all feedback (good or bad) will only help us to improve the show. From now until the show follow the 100% Optical website or Twitter account @100Optical, alternatively you can follow my blog or Tweet me @MyGlassesAndMe for all the latest news on the show!