The doors are officially open for day 2 of 100% Optical! Come along today to see the leading names in the optical industry and take advantage of our unique programme of content including four daily fashion shows, over 100 hours of CET, frame making workshops, innovative window displays and free consultations with business experts. Open till 6pm

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What's on today: 

10:00 Tricks and tools of the trade

Many people only use one or two favourite frame adjusting tools and life could be made so much easier for them and their patient by using the correct tool for the correct job. This workshop will look at the lost art of frame making. Delegates will have a go at various techniques including shortening and lengthening sides, re-pinning sides, bumping bridges, frame adjustment and correct fitting. Delegates will have an array pliers, files and other useful tools and techniques demonstrated and then will be able to try out these skills under supervision.

Frame Workshop: 10:00, 12:00 & 16:00

11:00 Ask an Expert

Visit the Ask an Expert feature in the Business Hub to book your free one-on-one consultation with experts for advice on social media, marketing, shop design, customer service and more!

12:00, 14:00 & 16:00, Business Hub
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12:00 Professor Pete Coffey, Fight for Sight - stemming vision loss using stem cells

The London Project to Cure Blindness aims to use Stem Cell technology to restore sight, prevent progression and ultimately improve the quality of life for patients with Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) and other retinal and macular disorders, combining cutting edge knowledge and technology from the laboratory, clinic and operating theatre. This session will cover ocular applications of new research, clinical trials and future therapies.

Main stage

12:30 DADA competition catwalk

Have you spotted the wacky frames on the TD Tom Davies stand? In the run up to 100% Optical, TD Tom Davies hosted the DADA competition, giving Opticians the chance to design the most wacky and bold frames they could think of. Tom shortlisted 10 winning designs which are currently being made in the workshop. These are on display on the TD Tom Davies stand (Stand W85 & W90) where you can choose your favourite and cast a vote for the overall winner. There will be a live demonstration of the 10 winning designs on the Fashion Hub catwalk on today at 12.30pm

13:00 Frame Workshop drop in

Come along to the Frame Workshop to speak to frame making experts about adjusting frames, shortening and lengthening sides, re-pinning sides, bumping bridges and correct fitting. With Walter Berwick, ABDO and Silhouette.

13:00 & 15:00, Frame Workshop

14:00 Eric Papas - Trust me you are so going to want contact lenses!

For the roughly 140 million wearers in the world today, contact lenses are a way to correct their sight. While vision correction is and will continue to be an important use for these devices, technological developments are occurring that will open up a range of new situations in which the contact lens can provide attractive functionality. Broadly, these novel applications fall into the categories of refractive error control, bio-sensing, drug delivery and visual augmentation. The presentation from Australian contact lens expert Eric Papas will consider each of these groups.

15:00 Nick Dash - 360 Vision' from the eyes of Elite Athletes

This Peer Review will discuss the needs of patients in real world situations. How we assess risk of the environment and activities? To enable us to deliver Optical solutions to help deliver performance eyewear. The format will be through the eyes of Elite Athletes, including case studies of a top Tour De France Cyclist, Alpinist and International Cricketer. How to offer performance and protection to elite and weekend participants. Discussion will be based on new and existing methods ocular examination of eye disease, assessing vision performance and the concept of ‘360 Vision’ including 360 protection and 360 degree vision in the real world. Discussion of new technologies in eyewear that improve performance and protection.

16:00 Fashion catwalk

Wander over to the Fashion Hub to get front row seats at one of three daily catwalks. Organised by leading fashion show producer Lindsey Hunt, visitors will enjoy a six scene show following summer and winter trends.

10:00, 12:00, 14:00 & 16:00 Fashion Hub
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18:00 Fight for Sight charity party with Rockaoke

This year, we're partnering with Fight for Sight as our official charity to raise valuable funds for research into remedies for preventable sight loss. Sunday's party, at the Fox Pub ExCeL, will feature entertainment from Rockaoke.

18:00, The Fox, ExCeL 
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See you there!

ExCeL London

Sunday 8th February, 10:00-18:00
Monday 9th February, 10:00-18:00