Keynote speaker MP Rt hon Alistair Burt and visiting optometrist Christopher Kerr had a date in Croydon after meeting at 100% Optical. The Minister of State for Community and Social Care at the Department of Health received a healthy grilling from 100% Optical delegates on how politicians could help opticians do more to take work off GPs and even A&E units at a time when an estimated two million patients are going here for care. The lack of any formal referral mechanism for pharmacists to send patients to opticians was raised and AOP member Kerr invited the minister to Croydon to see how he was handling referrals informally but effectively.

“This is an excellent conference”, said Kerr. “The standard of the education has just climbed and the organisers should be congratulated for their work. The myopia session was really powerful,” Kerr has been senior optometrist to Croydon University Hospital for many years and set up Croydon’s local optical committee (LOC) over 20 years ago.